Boost your digital skills

2. Find and work with a digital partner

Tools to help you find a good digital partner - and keep them

What is it good for?

  • Helping to find a partner
  • Writing a template brief
  • Guidance to build a good relationship with them

When to use it

Once you know what you want to develop, though you can always involve a digital partner earlier on in the process if you need additional support and advice.

How to use it

If you're lucky enough to have some budget to spend on your digital product, it's important to find the right digital partner and get the relationship off to a good start.

Below you'll find some tools for finding an agency or freelancer that will not only fit your charities' technical needs, but also your values.

Get the tools

A list of agencies and freelancers who work with nonprofits, complete with day rates, tech they specialise in, and testimonies about previous projects:

A guide for having great conversations with digital partners - so you can start your relationship well and continue well:

Here's a handy template for creating a briefing document for a digital agency. Created with input from agencies who work with nonprofits:

Further reading on problem statements

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